Integrated Scheduling, Documentation, Billing and Marketing

Everything you need to grow your practice in one system.

Your EMR and billing software should streamline the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER patient experience. Here’s how you can streamline the ‘DURING’ patient experience with In Touch EMR.

THE DURING PATIENT EXPERIENCE (streamlining documentation)

  • Medicare compliance
  • Point and click template creation
  • Unlimited faxing
  • Medical records upload
  • Incomplete notes tracking
  • Functional Limitation G codes and PQRS reporting / alerts
  • Claims automatically submitted to the billing software
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Get Paid More, Faster with Patent-Pending Billing Automation

Instant transmission of claims from EMR to billing software, one click claim scrubbing, full clearing house integration, automatic posting of ERAs and seamless denial management.

Here are some of the ways in which In Touch Biller Pro boosts the efficiency of your front desk and biller:

THE BEFORE PATIENT EXPERIENCE (front desk automation)

  • Online eligibility verification
  • One click patient chart creation
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Automatic emailed newsletters
  • Streamlined patients intake (iPad app)
  • Authorization tracking and alerts
  • Physician certification period tracking and alerts
  • Progress note tracking and alerts


  • Complete billing software and clearing house integration like you’ve never seen before
  • Automatic claim scrubbing
  • Flexibility for biller to review / edit / update claims prior to payer submission
  • Auto-posting of ERAs
  • Tracking patient payments (co-pays, deductibles) and patient receipt printing
  • Shifting crossover balance to secondary with one click
  • Automatic batching of claims
  • Streamlined denial management
  • 100+ reports, completely customizable
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Therapy Newsletter

Automated Patient Newsletter (Email, Video, Print, Fax)

One of the biggest challenges faced by most physical therapy private practice owners is staying in touch with patients on a regular basis. That’s exactly why I created the ‘Therapy Newsletter”, a powerful, automated, done-for-you newsletter marketing system. Each month, we send out TWO patient newsletters to your patients and you get to choose between email, video, print and faxed versions.

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Clinical Contact

Automated Appointment Reminders with Mobile, Email and Voice Broadcasting

Get ready to revolutionize your patient follow up with the power of Clinical Contact. In the new world, email and snail mail are not the only ways to reach your patients.  Put the power of technology in your hands with mobile texts, voice broadcasting and email to INSTANTLY reach busy patients overwhelmed with traditional marketing messages. There’s never been a faster, easier way to get more patients, engage patients and maximize retention.

Clinical Contact is the first web-based practice management software to completely automate the things your staff is currently wasting time on with text, voice and email, with done-for-you scripts. It easily integrates with most scheduling and billing solutions.

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